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Jerzy Lis Dr. He was the Plenipotentiary for the creation of a metropolitan union in the Silesian Voivodeship, with statutory rights to prepare the organizational and legal union. Rector of Gdańsk Technical University. Apelują, by  rząd natychmiast ogłosił stan wyjątkowy dla klimatu oraz wdrożył politykę zerowej emisji dwutlenku węgla do r. He developed the application of computer simulation in surgical planning and founded the International Society for Medical Robotics and Bio-cybernetics Laboratory He has spent 29 years in various roles at Stanford and currently directs a portfolio of over graduate and professional courses annually to industry.

Janusz Bryzek eXo Imaging, Inc. He is chairman and founder of the Woodmont Companies, a diversified real estate investment and management organization.

At his alma mater, Stanford University, Mr. Taube is founder and advisory board chair of the Taube Center for Jewish Studies, established in In addition, Mr. Taube is past chair of the Stanford Athletic Board.

InRaptor Trading System Inc Columbia MD. Inthe Republic of Poland named Mr. Air Force. His research focuses on humans in a digital environment and employs cutting-edge computational methods, AI and Big Data. PhD in Psychology from the University of Cambridge. Experienced Director of Engineering with a demonstrated history of working in the battery industry.

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Bryzek received Ph. One of these companies did a billion dollar IPO, other were acquired or are active. Janusz launched TSensors Initiative to find the emerging applications likely to demand trillions sensors by mid s, as enabler for Abundance.

Mobilizacja młodych Brytyjczyków jest następstwem protestów szkół i uniwersytetów w Australii, Belgii, Niemczech, Stanach Zjednoczonych, Japonii i kilkunastu innych krajach. Większość z nich dzisiaj także protestuje. Od pewnego czasu na szkolnym strajku było wielu prawdziwych bohaterów, na przykład w Szkocji i Irlandii — komentuje Szwedka, która sama w przyszłym tygodniu ma się spotkać z przewodniczącym Komisji Europejskiej, Jean-Claude Junckerem.

He performed due diligence for top tier VC firms and was Advisor or Investor to over 60 startups. Piotr D. Moncarz, Ph. Registered professional engineer in civil engineering in numerous U. With an engineering career focused on failure analysis and failure prevention led and participated in hundreds of studies, remediation and research projects. He is active in academic programs, consulting work, and international business from power plant development projects, energy technologies and economics, electro-mobility, to high-tech ventures.

He is a frequent speaker in venues pertaining to system safety and performance, engineering knowledge transfer, trends in technologies, innovativeness, sustainable development, and stimulation of international cooperation and competitiveness. During law school he worked with the U. Lech J. He is a graduate of the prestigious Parisian École Polytechnique and a scholarship holder in the field of quantum optics of the National Institute of Standards and Technologies, located near Washington, D.

During the course of his Raptor Trading System Inc Columbia MD, he also specialised in economics, with particular focus on market organisation, studying under Professor Jean Tirole, the Nobel laureate in economics.

He defended his doctoral dissertation at the University of Warsaw. He was a lecturer in the field of change management, economics, market organization and industrial strategy at the University of Warsaw, the Collegium Civitas and the Oxford Programme On Modern Poland. He is a co-author of the concept of implementation of effective changes in an enterprise, described in the book Change Management. Delayed Transformation of the Polish Power Sector in — He began his professional career in the Office of the Committee for European Integration, in the team of Minister Jan Kułakowski — responsible for conducting accession negotiations with the European Union — where he led the analytical team and was directly responsible for the field of energy and transport.

Later, he oversaw the modernisation of many Polish companies by supporting them in adapting to the challenges of the European and global markets. He was a promoter of European cooperation in the area of industrial change and adjustment of the European industry to the challenges of globalisation at, among others, the European University of Labour and the Dublin Foundation.

He is the author of the government programme for electromobility development in Poland, which was described for the first time as a concept in the book written in —, together with Professor Leszek Jesień, New Electricity and New Cars. Starting 1 Januaryhe served as the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Energy, where he was directly responsible for the technological development and implementation of innovations in the energy sector, implementation of climate and energy policy in the fuel and gas sector, conducting international relations with countries and international organisations.

Strajk młodych rośnie w siłę. “Widzicie początek wielkich zmian”

At the 24th UN climate summit, the international community agreed on the Katowice Rulebook, implementing the Paris Agreement. On 15 Novemberhe was appointed as the Minister of the newly established Ministry of Climate.

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Mark has been part of the City and County government for over thirty-one years and has served eight mayors. He has a BA in Economics from U. Luke Kowalski is recognized for his loyalty and pragmatism, but he also excels in his ability to work across disciplines. He holds several patents and professional certifications, serves as an ISO representative for the US through ANSI and lectures frequently at conferences and universities.

Rector of the Silesian University of Technology in years anddean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technological in the years Graduated in mechanics and mechanical engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology in Inhe defended with honors a doctoral dissertation in the discipline of construction and operation of machines, and a dissertation habilitation, also with honors, in Inthe President of the Republic of Poland gave him the title of professor in the field of technical sciences.

Arkadiusz Mężyk PhD. Author of 60 monographs, 75 articles and papers, 1 monograph book and 2 academic books, and co-author of over 30 scientific research publications.

His knowledge and experience is used by actively participating in numerous scientific, expert and professional societies. Author of a series of innovative solutions in the field of technology, the design engineer of more than sewage treatment plants and water-supply and sewage systems.

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He is a pioneer in Poland of implementation of autothermic aerobic sludge digestion installations and innovative odor-control systems for sewage treatment plants. Rector of the Bialystok University of Technology in the years Warianty wizowe binarne. Bogumiła Kaniewska Professor, Ph. Between prof.

Kaniewska was responsible for modernizing the teaching process in this million grant. Among others, prof. Moreover, she has written about works by Wiesław Myśliwski as well as authored popular scholarly works and co-authored a number of academic and school textbooks on literature and multilinguistic connections between literary works. Her scholarly interests include children fiction, which she also translates from English. She participated in numerous conferences abroad, including the universities of Belgrad, Lund, Vilnius, Brno, Bologna, Coimbra, and Rovaniemi.

Marcin Krupa President, Katowice Prof.

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Jarosław J. A career diplomat, he worked for the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more than 30 years, both in Poland and abroad. Before taking office in Los Angeles, he was the Director of the Department of Consular Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he supervised the activities of Polish Consulates all over the world.

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His diplomatic postings abroad include Washington, D. A graduate of the Faculty of Transport of the Silesian University of Technology doctoral dissertation in the field of Machine Construction and Operation.

He worked as an assistant professor at the same university.

He also completed postgraduate studies in Organization Management. In the years — he was a councilor of the Katowice City Council, and in — he was the deputy mayor of Katowice.

Эти люди не ведали, что такое скука, поскольку имели доступ ко всему, что происходило в мире воображения и в реальной жизни с тех самых времен, когда был построен этот город.

Inafter winning the first round of the elections, he was re-elected to the office of president. He was the Plenipotentiary for the creation of a metropolitan union in the Silesian Voivodeship, with statutory rights to prepare the organizational and legal union.

He is a member of the board of the Union of Communes and Poviats of the Central Subregion of the Silesian Voivodeship and the co-chairman of Handel strategie rundy team for infrastructure, local development, regional policy and the environment at the Joint Government and Local Government Committee of which he is a member.

Rector, Bialystok University of Technology. A graduate of the Białystok University of Technology major: construction, specialization: building and engineering structures. Inshe obtained a doctorate in technical sciences in the discipline of construction, specializing in concrete structures, building materials.

Inshe became a habilitated doctor of technical sciences. Kosior-Kazberuk has been a member of the Białystok University of Technology as vice-rector for education and international cooperation since Jerzy Lis Dr. He became a full professor in His main research specialization are: Ceramics, materials science; materials technology and engineering Oplata TD Aerirrotrade Oplata za cwiczenia advanced and traditional ceramics and building materials.

He is active in transfer technology Raptor Trading System Inc Columbia MD and organization of higher education. In research Prof.

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Lis is known mainly by his works on materials prepared by combustion synthesis SHS and as the author of publications in the field of engineering and traditional ceramics tiles, refractories, sanitary and electroceramics. Lis is vice president of the Technical Poniewaz opcje kapitalowe pracownikow dzialaja w start-up of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, vice-chair of Ceramic Committee and Materials Science Committee of the Polish Academy of Science, and a member of editorial advisory boards of seven international journals.

Rector of Gdańsk Technical University.

Существо разваливалось перед их взором. Когда полип вновь заговорил, речь его была неустойчивой и улавливалась с трудом. - Начинается новый цикл, - выговорил он дрожащим шепотом. - Не ожидали так .

Polish engineer, full professor of Gdańsk University of Technology, expert in bridge structures, structural mechanics and diagnostics of civil structures. Author or co-author of over publications and 4 patents.

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In he was working at the Tokyo University achieving the position of associate professor. Such sustainability indicators include a comprehensive set of environmental, economic, and social costs. Recently his research has focused on the design of sustainable high performance fiber- reinforced cementitious composites HPFRCCs and fiber-reinforced polymers FRPsthe impacts of sustainable materials on building and infrastructure design and operation, and the development of new life cycle assessment LCA applications for building systems, transportation systems, water systems, consumer products.

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Along with this he is studying the effects that slowly diffusing sustainable civil engineering innovations, and the social networks they diffuse through, can have on achieving long term sustainability goals. He has tied his entire professional life with this university. He managed, inter alia, the 1st Department and Clinic of Cardiology.

In the yearshe was the vice-rector for student affairs and a member of the Senate budget and finance committee in the years of and He obtained a doctoral degree in medical sciences inand a habilitation in cardiology in In he was awarded the title of professor of medical sciences. Gruchała is the author and co-author of over publications in international journals. Clay A. For 35 years Clay has pioneered new businesses with measurable new value for customers, employees, and stock holders.

His disciplines cover general management, finance, team recruiting and building, product development, product management, sales and marketing. He currently specializes in Raptor Trading System Inc Columbia MD companies through game changing rehabilitation and acceleration of product development, product management, and sales for companies in voice, text, and graphical communications.

Solution coverage can be consumer, professional, enterprise, or all. He is a former executive of 3Com network interfaces, protocols, infrastructure, and network management and Hewlett Packard vertical market solutions marketing.

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In Clay co-founded the U. Poland Trade Council, and is a member of its Board of Directors. He has his B. He speaks intermediate Polish and German.

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They have two professionally employed daughters. With family and friends he enjoys history and science fiction reading, gardening, hiking, fly fishing, and a variety of sports including participation in middle distance foot races.

Mariusz Tomaka is active as organizer, co-founder, and CEO of innovative electronic and software companies in Poland focused on local and international markets. He specializes in building and running innovative companies Raptor Trading System Inc Columbia MD startups — focused on international markets and leading teams of engineers and managers to achieve challenging technology and business objectives. Zbigniew Nawrat is theoretical physicist, who devoted his professional life to advance the field of medical robotics and artificial organs.

He pioneered research in artificial organs domain, especially heart valve prostheses and blood pumps POLVAD and created the Robin Heart surgical robot.

He developed the application of computer simulation in surgical planning and founded the International Society for Medical Robotics and Bio-cybernetics Laboratory He has spent 29 years in various roles at Stanford and currently directs a portfolio of over graduate and professional courses annually to industry.

Inhe launched a joint online non-credit certificate program between the School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Business: the Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship certificate.