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Zdecydowanie nie zamierzamy przerywać komunikacji z naszymi klientami. Pixabay Marek Kozłowski, dyrektor biura komunikacji marketingowej PKO Banku Polskiego Bank jako instytucja funkcjonuje, ale staramy się jak najlepiej zabezpieczyć pracowników i klientów przed potencjalnym zarażeniem.

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Jaroslaw Domański. The marketing strategy and closely related marketing activities are nowadays an important element of the functioning of banks.

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In connection with the competition occurring in the banking sector and the changing requirements of recipients, it is necessary to plan activities that will allow to effectively reach buyers with an offer tailored to their Strategia handlowa BP. This is possible thanks to the analysis of the environment and its impact on the activities of financial institutions. In turn, it allows the formulation of instrumental strategies that are part of the marketing strategy.

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The main goal of the master's thesis is a critical assessment and a proposal to improve Opcjonalny blog. marketing strategy adopted by the largest bank in Poland, which is PKO BP S. The master's thesis presents the most important issues related to marketing strategy and its essence in the activities of banks. Additionally, in order to identify the factors affecting the financial institution's choice of marketing activities, selected strategic analysis methods were used.

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The result of the analysis is the assessment of the bank's marketing strategy together with an indication of the directions of changes and recommendations for its future activities. The prerequisites for writing a master's thesis on the subject were interest and the desire to deepen knowledge of banking marketing, which is playing an increasingly important role.

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