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The provincial legislatures have a more restricted authority under ss. Rekordowe wyniki segmentu rafineryjnego i detalicznego Na wynik segmentu rafineryjnego w IV kwartale roku znaczący wpływ miały niekorzystne warunki makroekonomiczne. My interpretation of s. Przerób ropy wyniósł 7,4 mt, natomiast sprzedaż 6,2 mt, podano w materiale. Wynik okazał się o 14 proc.

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Under the Constitution Act,taxation powers are vested in the Parliament of Canada under s. The raising of Money by any Mode or System of Taxation. The provincial legislatures have a more restricted authority under ss.

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In turn, the provincial legislatures have authorized municipal councils to levy specific types of direct tax, such as property tax. The powers of taxation are circumscribed by ss. Interior Tree Fruit and Vegetables Committee of Direction, taxation is held to consist of the following characteristics: [1] it is enforceable by law; imposed under the authority of the legislature; levied by a public body; and intended for a public purpose.

In order for a tax to be validly imposed, it must meet the requirements of s.

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The provision codifies the principle of no taxation without representation, by requiring any bill that imposes a tax to originate with the legislature.

My interpretation of s. Rather, it prohibits not only the Senate, but also any other body other than the directly elected legislature, from imposing a tax on its own accord. Ontario Attorney Generaland he further stated: The delegation of the imposition of a tax is constitutional if express and unambiguous language is used in making the delegation.

The animating principle is that only the legislature can impose a new tax ab initio.

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In such a situation, the delegated authority is not being used to impose a completely new tax, but only to impose a tax that has been approved by the legislature. The democratic principle is thereby preserved in two ways.

First, the legislation expressly delegating the imposition of a tax must be approved by the legislature. Second, the government enacting the delegating legislation remains ultimately accountable to the electorate at the next general election.

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British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority, the SCC declared that a government levy would be in pith and substance a tax if it was "unconnected to any form of a regulatory scheme. Canada Attorney Generalthe Westbank framework was qualified to require "a relationship between the charge and the scheme itself.

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In Confédération des syndicats nationaux v. Canada Attorney Generala funding scheme for employment insurance that was intended to be self-financing instead generated significant surpluses that were not used to reduce EI premiums in accordance with the legislation. It was therefore held to be contrary to the federal unemployment insurance power under s.

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In relation to commodities in commerce, I take this Kanadyjskie Agencja Dochody Opcje akcji Transakcje lie in the agreed conceptions of economists of charges which fall into the category of accumulating items: and the question is, Wskaznik opcji binarnych 83 Wspolczynnik wygrany taxes, through intention and expectation, are to be included in those items? If the tax is related or relateable, directly or indirectly, to a unit of the commodity or its price, imposed when the commodity is in course of being manufactured or marketed, then the tax tends to cling as a burden to the unit or the transaction presented to the market.

However much, in any case, these may be actually "intended" or "expected" to be passed on, it is now settled that they are to be so treated.

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When the definition of "direct taxation" is read with s. Coquitlam District held that: provincial legislatures may charge a fee that is of an indirect nature, where it is supportable as ancillary or adhesive to a valid regulatory scheme under a provincial head of power.

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Under tax collection agreements, the CRA collects and remits to the provinces: provincial personal income taxes on behalf of all provinces except Quebec, through a system of unified tax returns.